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Choosing The Right Inspection For You

WETT Inspection

Technical Inspection

A technical inspection is required by insurance companies when completing a WETT Inspection. This inspection includes but is not limited to the following requirements. Visual inspection of the system, taking apart flue pipes, opening clean-outs, entering the attic to view system components, and accessing the chimney on the roof. Review of the condition of components and all observations and recommendations will be documented on the WETT inspection forms completed and areas accessed along with all mandatory photos in the WETT Inspection report.

The chimney may need to be swept for an inspection of the chimney liner either prior or after the inspection, depending upon the circumstances.

NOTE: Where any defects compromising the integrity of the components are found during the inspection, they may not be reassembled until corrective action has been taken place. You will be notified in writing in the report not to use the appliance until corrected, for your safety.

Visual Inspection

I perform a visual inspection with every chimney sweep. This includes a basic inspection of the solid-fuel-burning appliance and venting system components that are visible. It will include measurements of clearances, opening doors or dampers, and a visual inspection of the chimney from the ground. It will identify any noted deficiencies and red flags that may require a more detailed inspection. It provides peace of mind to you prior to use.

Invasive Inspection

These inspections are used when there is an existing concern or event such as a chimney fire or other suspected incident. The result of the inspection would be to identify areas that require repair or replacement and direction on how to resolve existing deficiencies. It does not include repairs to the system.

This inspection would include an invasive review of components. It may include opening walls (drywall), or other tasks that require additional construction-related skills. The extent of the inspection and its purpose will be clearly discussed prior to commencing the process. The WETT inspection form will be provided at the end of the inspection, and will include additional narratives to describe the results of the invasive work.

For your safety any corrective actions indicated in the report must be completed prior to the appliance being used again.

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